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SHIBUYA TSUTAYA is cashless. We do not accept cash payments.
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*Some payment methods are not supported. (Rakuten Pay, d Payment, etc.)*May not be available due to maintenance, etc.
We have cash charging machines for transportation ICs (PASMO, Suica, etc.).Installation floor: B2F, 2F, 6F
*Please note that no change will be given when charging. Please note that we do not accept currency exchange.

TAX Refund Guide

Eligible Applicants Non-resident visitors from overseas
Necessary Items

① Original passport of the applicant

※Photocopies are not acceptable.
※Japan immigration stamp is required.

② Purchased items

③ The credit card used(if applicable)

※The name on credit card and passport must match.
※Payment with corporate credit card is not accepted.
Application Period Only on the day of purchase(hours for TAX refund)
Eligible Items Book,CD/DVD,Stationery,Cosmetics, Audio,Clothing
Eligible Price of Purchase
(consumption Tax excluded)
5,000yen or above
This is the total amount spent in a single store (on the same day of purchase).
Spending for general merchandise, which have been wrapped so they cannot be consumed while in Japan, can be combined with the spending for consumables.
In this case, applicable requirements are the same as those for consumables.


A multi-purpose toilet is available on the 2nd floor.
For guests of the same floor only.
No restrooms on B2,1F


Parking Information

No parking facilities at the store.